Remaining face down after your procedure is critical for a successful recovery. the M.A.T. is designed to give you comfort and full support while in a face down position. It is excellent for sleeping or resting. With its large breathing channel under tha face rest and pelvic tilt design for your hips... it allows you to breathe comfortably and properly postures your neck, shoulders, spine and hips to avoid the stiffness and lower back compression you would experience if you were laying on a flat surface.

-Main Benefits-
  • Provides proper face down positioning to promote healing.
  • Proper positioning of the neck, shoulders, spine and lower back.
  • Use on your bed, the floor or table.
  • Poly-cotton covers allow your skin to breathe... unlike vinyl products that promote perspiration and may cause skin irritation.
  • Assembles in seconds -- contains 5 pieces of urethane foam.
  • The poly-cotton covers can be easily removed for washing.
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